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THANK YOU for visiting us. Hope that you can identify with our vision for the nation India. We are inviting you as a partner for this mission for souls. Help us to help others. You may help us for:
Training native Missionaries
Helping Orphans with life
Educating children in school
Helping Widows & Destitute
Sending pioneering Missionaries to the mission field for full time work
Broadcasting weekly TV programs
Sponsoring State/ Province work
Building a class room
Come and equip the natives with your vision and anointing
Sponsor a Village Crusade
Help us to conduct yearly Seminars for the further equipment of the Ministers
Sponsor the Educational Scholarship for the Missionaries children
Bishop Dr. A.G. Thankachan
College of Ministries, Dairy Farm Post,
Vizag 530 040, Andhra Pradesh, India
Phone: +91 891 2530108 /2738413 /2728501/ 2532572
+91-988521 9705