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Bible Ministerial Training Centres
India is a land of multi-cultural, multi-linguistic country of 1.2 billion people. Reaching India is more difficult than many may imagine. If there is a most effective method to reach India, that is through training nationals and equipping them in their own culturally relevant linguistic atmosphere. After understanding this revelation our ministry started Bible College of Ministries in 1988. Right now this Ministerial Training Seminary is in the Posts graduate level offering Accredited Degrees. Our success is in the fact that 98% of the graduates are engaged in pioneering and church planting work in India with our Churches.
Admission started for the following accredited courses (ATA) Apply Immediately
Master of Divinity (Internal & External) 3 years
Master of Arts (Internal & External 3 years
Bachelor of Theology 4 years
Bachelor of Arts 3 years
Certificate in Theology 2 years
Certificate in Ministry 1year
For Further details Contact:
College of Ministries,
Dairy Farm Post,
Vizag - 5300 40.
Andhra Pradesh, India
Bible college of ministries
Bible college of ministries
Bible Ministerial Training Centres